January 23, 2012

We're All Fallible

This year began with my favorite kind of getaway. A writer's retreat. The Winter Residency for SNHU at the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa. What could be more inviting than being surrounded by writers in an old hotel, where nothing matters more than words? (Okay, and friends. And possibly drinks.)

Mountain View Grand

And the location? New Hampshire's White Mountains are filled with beauty, silent snow, and of course, moose. Though I've yet to see one, I hear they're out there.

And I didn't even spill my drink!
In addition to spending a wonderful week with amazing friends and faculty doing things we all love (writing, reading, joking, extreme air hockey...) I came home rejuvenated and ready to dive into editing the first draft of my MS. Red pen in hand, I began to tear my pages apart. (Relax, this is a metaphorical tearing. So far.)

After about a page, I hit a snag. My protagonist was in a dark place. I wasn't. Having just spent the most amazing week away, with old friends and new, I was happy. Jubilant even. What to do? What to do?

All my words kept coming up daisies. And Emily is not a daisy kinda gal at this spot in the MS. I spent hours pining over her plight. In a desperate attempt to find her mood, I turned to music. Here are a few songs that put me right back in Em's mind:

First up: Fallible by Blues Traveler.

Next, Drive by Incubus.

And finally, Bad Day by Fuel.

Armed with these songs (and a few others) Em started speaking to me again. Telling me about her day, her struggle. Just how far up the proverbial tree she managed to get herself. Again. The music was a perfect reminder that sometimes we're all fallible.

As for me? I'm still editing, still happy. And Em's still talking to me.

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  1. I know that place! Beautiful, Natalie. I'm glad Emily is talking to you, but don't let her take that happy feeling away. I like you happy. :)

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Nothing is going to take away the happy. Em is babbling in my ear too!

  2. So glad we make you happy :) the feeling is mutual!

    1. Thanks Suzi! Glad we got to see each other again! Miss my west-coast-bestie!