February 27, 2013

Jen's Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams

For those of you who write, or read, or have ever been inspired by anything, check out my friend Jen's blog: Between Asleep and Awake. Her latest post describes the inspiration for her blog title.

I dream vividly. Always have. I can remember dreams I had when I was seven or eight: beautiful visions of soaring over fields of lavender. Though, sometimes I remember dreams I want to forget: images of burning buildings, cars on fire, chaos and crumbling stairwells. I never could understand how I was able to retain dreams the way I do. I remember the colors, smells, and sounds. So much that upon waking, I occasionally forget my surroundings for a moment and taste the ocean I swam in during my dream, or feel the bark of a tree beneath my fingertips. I've advised people not to wake me, since sometimes I forget I'm dreaming and can throw a punch or two before my eyes are even open. (There are some who have seen this first hand and can swear by their bruises.) But once in a while, a dream has only the suggestion of an event, and that allows me to embellish in a story or poem. After all, what are stories but waking dreams?

February 17, 2013

What's The Strangest Thing You've Ever Seen?

Musical Farm Animals
Is it a band of farm animals singing above your produce section? Could it be a house with unique siding? How about a duck-shaped duck shop? Stranger still?

If you have a taste for the bizarre, are entranced by weird roadside structures, or look for the oddball objects hidden in everyday life, then check out my new co-authored website Roadsight Relics, where you can find bizarre sights on the open road and spaces in between.

At Roadsight Relics we embrace the weird. Our purpose is to sniff out and track down the most bizarre and under-appreciated places America has to offer. Nothing is off-limits. Not even wind sculptures depicting flying cacti. We find it. Post it. And share our wacky adventures with the world. Stop by to get strange. You won't regret it.

Know of a Roadsight Relic near your town? We invite you to contact us.